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BiPS + Optica

Through a wide range of technical and social events, BiPS serves as a platform for the exchange of ideas, interdisciplinary research, and wider community engagement. BiPS hopes to foster a collaborative environment where members can form lasting connections to further their personal and professional goals. BiPS is proud to be an offical Optica (formerly OSA) chapter!

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3/31/2021 BiPS received “Emerging Excellence Award” - Up with the White & Gold 2021 by the Center for Student Engagement and the Student Government Association


3/12/2021 BiPS members met in person for the first time for a picnic in Piedmont park.


2/10/2021 BiPS held an all member meeting on Feb 10th 2021. Thanks everyone for coming!

1/1/2021 Happy new year everyone! Here’s to a good 2021

11/20/2020 We discussed 12 publications at the weekly Biophotonics journal club during Fall 2020!

10/27/2020 BiPS had an all member meeting to celebrate past initiatives and gather ideas for the next activities. Thank you all for attending and sharing invaluable ideas!!

10/07/2020 BiPS hosted a ‘5-Minute Research Presentation’ event for members to share their research and create a student network across Georgia Tech and Emory.

9/15/2020 BiPS now has more than 50 members! Come join our Microsoft Teams!

8/31/2020 BiPS has initiated an outreach bridge with Inspiritus to connect virtual tutors needed for refugee & immigrant high school students. If you are interested, sign up here! Contact Paloma with any questions.


8/14/2020 We discussed 21 publications at the weekly Biophotonics journal club during Summer 2020!

8/12/2020 Microscopy 101 Virtual Sessions were a success, with more than 70 attendants over all workshops! Thank you everyone for attending.

8/12/2020 Session 3 of Microscopy 101 - “Image Processing for Microscopy”. Watch the recording here!

8/4/2020 Session 2 of Microscopy 101 - “Microscopy for Biological Imaging”. Watch the recording here!

7/29/2020 Session 1 of Microscopy 101 - “Introduction to Optics”. Watch the recording here!

6/17/2020 Microscopy 101 Virtual Sessions announced!


6/3/2020 The BiPS Microsoft Teams group now has more than 40 members! Come join us!

6/3/2020 Patrick Ledwig wins the first BiPS trivia night! Congrats Patrick!

5/20/2020 Distributed survey for co-hosting a workshop event with BBUGS.

5/18/2020 We’ve been approved as an official OSA (now Optica) student chapter!

3/13/2020 We’re listed as an official BME Graduate Organization

3/06/2020 Our NEW student organization has been officially chartered by Georgia Tech!